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Name: Veltrian Republic
Motto Clay Future
Capital city: Ghaft
Plural: Veltrian

Veltria is a nation on the continent of Avellia. Its capital is the city of Ghaft.





Veltria is a very technologically advanced nation. It has more factories than any other country in the world today, and many new technologies are developed and patented by Veltrian inventors. Its major exports are electronics such as comboxes. It has very little agricultural development, and trades heavily with nearby Senzanya and other nations.

In addition to technology, Veltria is noted for its cultural exports. For instance, more than seventy percent of combox game companies are centered in Veltria.


Major cities[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

Corvinus Tendion is a major inventor from Veltria.

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National anthem[edit]

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