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Riach is the fifth planet in the solar system. It is the closest planet to Minerva in orbital distances, and has been colonized by the militaries of several major governments.


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Riach is a small, rocky planet with a thin oxygen atmosphere. It is close enough to the sun to maintain moderately warm temperatures, but it sustains large salt-water oceans. This has led scientists to speculate that, left alone for a sufficient time, Riach would one day bear witness to its own unique life forms. At present, however, there are no species native to the planet above the microscopic level.

Mineral Deposits[edit]

Riach is very rich with cryisalis, titanium, carbon, petroleum, tin, iron, magnessium, and all other basic metals (be advised material list may change as the periodic table changes). For this reason is why Riach is a military outfit base that holds scientific and magical research projects. The above metals are extremely valuable in fortifing vehicles, armor, weapons, ammunitions, and above all able to harness the magical powers within our selves and put them to military usage.

Exploration of Riach[edit]

This entire planet is one big military base. It has 4 moons 3 of which are standard MAC guns (magnetic acceleration cannon) and the last moon is a trading post between Riach and Minerva. This is the only military outpost in space and the only defense against an "alien" attack. However the facility pretty much takes about 90% of the surface area avialable the other 10% is still used as training grounds. The planet has for continents* and 5 oceans. The planet also has a very different atmosphere in 2/3 of the planet. 1/3 of the planet is a methane atmosphere, 1/3 of the atmosphere is very similar to earths, 1/6 is a stable hydrogen atmosphere that feels almost like you are underwater, and the last 1/6 atmosphere is a basic xenon and chloride atmosphere. Because of these varying atmospheres is why the military chose this planet as a base. The base is an underground facility that is not effected by the atmosphere above it and takes full advantage of the oceans and atmospheres the planet holds.

Military Usage[edit]

Riach is used primarily used as a military base and is home to a magic and scientific weapon site that sponsors the spartan IV project. Scientists on Riach created the MA4B assualt Rifle, PR90 Pistol, MRB Magic Launcher, JK Plasma Shield, Magishield Prototype, and the infamous SMG. SMG is infamous is because the only good use you can get out of it is if you are within five feet of the person you are trying to subdue.

  • MA4B assualt Rifle: standard infantry rifle: 200 bpm, 30 round magazine, effective range out to 300 yards, and can use armor piercing, magishield pierce, tracer, or hallow point rounds, and is equipped with a x2 or x5 scope.
  • PR90 pistol: standard infantry side-arm: holds 12 rounds per magazine, fires 9mm rounds, can use same ammunition as the MA4B assualt Rifle, and is equipped with a x2 scope.
  • MRB Magic Launcher: heavy duty door opener to most break and enter missions. Firing a round that produces enough magic to open a standard home door this weapon only weighs about 5 lbs and has a 3 round magazine.
  • JK plasma shield: plasma shield that can withstand a total of 500 gees of force or the equivelant to 700 rounds or 300 plamsa shots before failure; doesnt protect against rockets, gernades, or magical weaponry: used for standard escape and evasion missons primarily used for shield cover to travel from one building to the next.
  • Magishield prototype: consists of a amorphous crysilas that disperts energy, plamsa, and magic evenly throughout the body. Proves to be more effective in combat, lasts longer, more durable, and is also used the the armor for the spartan IV project.

Spartan IV[edit]

This project is the making of the best soldiers in all of the known galaxy. These soldiers are augmented through very complicated magic, chemical substances, bioaugmentations, and life or death surgery. If the soldiers survive they will have increased night vision and have a very uncanny eye for trouble. They will have about x30 the endurance than a normal soldier, about x5 the strength (which will go to x15 when the armor is applied), and will have natural reflexs increased to x10 that or a normal human. These are the only humans and known organisms that can handle the hightened responses of the jolnar armor and the strength and speed enhancements granted by the armor. These soldiers are the elite guard of Minerva and when the time comes we will be ready to fight any "alien" forces that may be thrown at us (ya a litte exajurated but still we have to be prepared and keep morale up). Those these men may look like greek gods (may change due to other contributions) in the armor they will not hurt any human that isnt a threat. they follow the chain of command to death and follow orders down to the literal statement (which is why the orders must hold every little detail if they are to be followed through 100%). Unlike standard special forces requirements they are allowed to marry and have a family so they can keep morale up and have a safe heaven when they return from their endevours.

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