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Minerva is the fourth planet in the solar system, and the only world known to be inhabited. Its surface is seventy-six percent water. The remaining twenty-four percent of surface area is made up of its four major continents.

The dominant species of Minerva are the Ferrans, Amnans, and Enthans; however, there are in total over seven hundred thousand species of animal life, and about one million species of plant life.


Minerva is composed of four large continents, Avellia, Harkyria, Onneria, and Ethalia, as well as a number of smaller islands such as the Isle of Pandora. Its major oceans include the Avellian, the Antarctic, and the Crotic.


The life forms of Minerva are many and diverse. The minervan race, the forerunner of the three species of intelligent life on the planet, has expanded from its origins on the northeastern corner of Onneria across all major continents and islands except the Isle of Pandora. There are a large number of species unique to each of the four major continents as well.

Political divisions[edit]

Senzanya is a major world power of Minerva.

Cyrophite is also a major world power of Minerva.

Moons of Minerva[edit]

The planet of Minerva has 3 moons. Two of these, codenamed Fenix and Artinus, are used for planetary defensive measures. The other is used as the main city of trade with other planets within the solar system; it is called Wan-Tsu.

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