Lac the Mad

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"Me? I'm not mad at all. It's the others who are mad. Go ask them."

Self-appointed King Vikkar Lac is in charge of a large moon orbiting a gas giant several planets from the sun. The moon is a haven for citizens with less than positive legal histories, and the ruler has been criticized for harboring criminals, smugglers, and con-artists. King Lac was given the title "Mad" after vowing to lead a colony of followers to the moon of an uninhabitable gas giant in order to evade Minervan tax law. Though predicted to fail, Lac managed to build a sustainable population on the surface and interior of the moon. Artificial oxygen and sustenance farms provide basic needs for most citizens.

Though the moon asserts itself as neutral, Minervan investigators have tracked war criminal to the moon who are often given refuge within the low atmosphere of the gas giant. Conventional forms of travel within the atmosphere have a 96% chance of igniting an explosion, forcing travelers to utilize a sealed air sailing vessel that relies on strong currents. By allowing criminals to escape within the giant, much of Minerva has condemned the king and refuse to recognize the moon's sovereignty.

Groups inhabiting the moon:

  • Red Tooth, a small raiding party thought to be wiped out by the Riach Spartans
  • Gru Wri Suon, a religious organization which commands its followers to lie for personal gain.
  • Illden Resistance Front, a group of terrorists who have been convicted of planned assassination on Minervan officials.
  • Colva, renegade group formed from a Minervan nation after civil war.
  • The Merchants, a smuggling ring which ignores all trade laws.

High profile inhabitants:

  • Korfek Gindar - Wanted for desertion, believed to be in possession of Spartan equipment
  • Jikal Sooli - Wanted for murder, smuggling, believed to be in possession of high grade narcotics