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Kans Retheb is the current Protector of Mon Prath. He was elected for his first term in 5505.

Early life[edit]

Retheb was born and grew up in the small, southeast Prathor town of Scieth. The son of a moderately wealthy businessman, Retheb was exposed to the worlds of politics and economics from an early age. His childhood, while largely uneventful, did lead to his entrance into the prestigious Prathor University, the largest in the nation. At Prathor, he studied law, politics and medicine.


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Political career[edit]

Retheb became active in the political scene in the early 5490s. His vehement public support of controversial protectoral candidate Arés Pestya, though linking him to an ultimately unsuccessful politician, brought him into the public eye as a potential leader for the Societal Party. It was not hard to make the transition from party politician to candidate, and he made the Societal nomination in 5500. Although he lost in his first election, he ran again in 5505 and succeeded the Protectorship.

As Protector[edit]

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