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The Isle of Pandora is a large island (approximately 20,000 square miles) in the Crotic Ocean. No political entity lays claim to its lands.


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The Isle is marked by jagged cliffs on all sides, some of which reach as high as 8000 feet. Because of its rough outer terrain, few travelers have managed to reach its interior; fewer still have made it back alive. Currently there is no consensus as to the safest method of entry, although most who have braved the island took Niftel's Passage in the northwest, named for the first man to cross through it, James Niftel.

The interior of the island, by contrast, is a fertile valley. Although the tales of golden rivers that colored legends of the island in the past are now known to be false, satellite imaging has confirmed a number of freshwater lakes that give rise to all manner of life.


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Geologists have estimated that the Isle of Pandora was one of the first distinct islands formed in the history of Minerva; consequently, the native life is speculated to be radically different from life elsewhere on the planet.

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