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Earth is the name given to a fictional planet referred to by ancient philosophers and historians of Minerva.


Named for the element of physical matter, Earth was used as a hypothetical example of Utopian idealism by the theorist Inabor. In his treatise Terra Dichota, he created the idea of a world in which language, common knowledge, and custom are derived from a single source. From his work, it spread among the common people, projecting a societal paradise in which all people could imagine themselves.

At the time, the notion of an Earth was believed to have some merit in actual astronomy. The phenomenon now known as the Archoid Mirage, which caused the illusion of a star moving between Minerva and the sun, was originally thought to be a small planet, inhabited by a single intelligent species which was capable of observing the then-primitive societies of ancient Minerva. Over time, religious beliefs and scientific evidence both grew to refute the idea, and the Mirage as it is now known was discovered by 4912.

In modern society[edit]

There is no evidence for anything resembling the Earth of oral tradition. As the gifted scholar Rhemid remarked, "Notions of psuedohistory have no place in academia." Nevertheless, Earth has been used as the subject of frequent myth in older cultures, peaking in popularity some three hundred years ago with the advent of popular entertainment. Today Earth has been replaced by the more convincing Planet Lonamona stories for juvenile readers, providing a fully developed Utopian setting for their enjoyment.