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Name: Republic of Cyrophite
Motto Prosperity and Progress
Capital city: Zypox
Plural: Cyrovian

Cyrophite is a major world power in Minerva and is its magical center. It is located on the continent of Harkyria. Its capital city is Zypox.


Cyrophite is very hilly and the Cyro Valleys divide the capital city of Zypox in half. The powerful concentration of magic allows for the area to be rural. Cyrophite is located across lower Harkyria. One river, the Cold Pass, makes a three-way cut through the capital city.


Cyrophite before had no real ruler. It was a self-governing society until the greed of one man caused a series of uprisings. Thus was Cyros I made the king of Cyrophite. This ruler not only named the country Cyrophite but had a family that went through several centuries of ruling until his son Cyros Jr. felt contempt for his father. Several other uprising occurred against Cyros I until he was eventually defeated. Cyros Jr. then became king and led the people of Cyrophite into a new age of prosperity.


Cyrophites do not believe in a god, but only the rite of trial by fighting. Their whole society is based on membership in the Vitna which is a private social structure founded on the accumulation of knowledge, hitherto secret knowledge.


Cyrophite relies heavily on its magical industry, and is the leading nation in magic production globally. However, there are also a number of major technological corporations based in Cyrophite, such as Brightal Roads.


Major cities[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

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National anthem[edit]

Oh Cyrophite, we charge ahead

In battle through and through

We hold our heads up high in case

Thy Trouble may ensue

May Cyrophite make good the right

For peace and love anew

Cyrophite stand long and strong

Oh Cyrophite we love you

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