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Guard Fleet

The Guard Fleet is a collective of Minervan and Riachan space forces tasked with regular patrols of the inner solar system. The Inner Guard is concerned with the orbit of Minerva while the Outer Guard patrols Riach. The fleet consists of units from several nations who serve for a period and rotate back to their home planet. The Guard Fleet is admired by young military graduates who wish to add to their experience and pay, though senior personnel may view guard duty as a chore.

For civilians and merchants the Guard Fleet can appear intimidating, and those with poor reputations may have difficulty passing a patrol unit. Some view the fleet as a needless police force, and incidents of smuggling have increased since the instatement of new trade restrictions.

Military units that have served in the fleet:

  • 301 Riach Expeditionary
  • 347 Riach Space Engineers
  • 203 Howling Krilnos
  • 388 Minervan Defense
  • 089 Minervan Guard